Saturday, March 17, 2007

Embarassing Moment

I was sitting in the waiting room of my daughter's speech therapy office. Her weekly appointments are at the painful time of 8:00 AM. (Yep, I get all four wee ones out the door by 7:15--and manage the critical pot o' coffee.)

Because of the rush, I wait until we get there to breast feed my eight-month-old baby. Since a few other parents, including a dad or two, usually join me in the waiting room, I cover up with a blanket.

This past week, it was just me and my troop occupying the room. Yea! I could mellow out about keeping my two year old contained. I could let my seven year old be a little louder than normal, and when I breast fed, I didn't have to cover up so diligently.

I started out trying to conceal a bit with my shirt, but then I thought, It doesn't matter. Even the receptionist can't see me. So, I pretty much let it all hang out. For the most part the baby's head covered me, but when my "girls" popped out here and there, oh well. Who'd know? I changed baby to the other breast and didn't even bother tucking myself back in until I got her situated.

After a few minutes, she was done eating, and I sat up to get situated. As my eyes looked upward, I saw it.

The security camera pointed directly at me.

Hmmmm... wonder which security guard got a free peep show?


Amanda said...

Funny! Been there, done that!

I like your blog. I'm new to blogging, but you may find it interesting, since we are both moms of 4 kidlets.

Hang in there!

Tricia Goyer said...

Oh my! Now that's interesting!!! Hahaha. I wold have been horrified!

Amy said...

that is too funny!

Christina Berry said...

I bet the security guard used to be a waiter at a Latin restaurant in Dallas. :-)

(Hi from your ACFW buddy!)