Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Sunny Answer to Prayer

When I woke up this morning, exhausted from a full day yesterday, I didn’t feel like I’d survive taking care of the kids by myself. My husband was out of town, and I felt like hiding under the covers. Kids? What kids? Out of desperation, I prayed to the Lord: RESCUE ME!

Trusting for a positive answer to my simple, yet heartfelt plea, I thought maybe some kind soul would call out of the blue and say, “I’ll take your kids all day,” or suddenly a shot of energy would surge through my weary bones.

Well, the Lord didn’t answer my prayer in either of those ways, instead, He made the clouds go away and let the sun shine through. The kids have joyfully played outside all afternoon (AFTER they willingly did their chores—shocker!). And I’ve been able to rest and enjoy the moments they pop in to visit me. Huh, sometimes God answers prayer in ways we never thought of—sunshine like the rays of His love. Pretty cool.


Rebecca M said...

Why do I frequently wake up feeling this same way? So thankful for the sunny ways He helped you through your day, Ocieanna. I love to look back on the day and realise the many ways God has helped me through.

Ocieanna said...

Thanks, Rebecca. That is so true. When we're in the midst of a crazy day, it's easy to miss how He's taking care of us. I sometimes even don't notice an answer to prayer. It's a good idea to think back over the day and thank Him. You are a very smart woman!